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My blog is a place to share some thoughts on matters of the day which take my interest.

These are invariably concerned with politics and political campaigning, but also include some thoughts on corporate communications. These are all areas where I’ve worked over the last forty years.

My name is Mike Love, a Londoner ‘born and bred’, a husband, father and grandfather.

I am owned by my dogs, two English Cocker Field Spaniels.

The issues I care most about are increasing the freedom of the individual, promoting animal welfare, and protecting the English countryside.

I have worked in political campaign management and international corporate communications. I have specialised in helping leaders to meet and beat the challenges of change, campaigns, and crises.

I have to confess to loving nothing more than a damn good crisis!

I am now almost retired but still advise on campaigns and communications when asked (and paid) to do so, and through this blog and my Twitter account offer advice to people who neither want it or pay for it.



“The Reality Gap” is a title taken from a methodolgy for understanding and managing reputation I first developed in 1995, and used ever since in one form or another as the basis for most of my work in the business of persuasion, what some call communications, others “PR” … the business of influencing opinion and behaviour to sell more product, make business more profitable, secure more votes, to advance political discourse and the business of government.