Embrace change. It is never ending.



Like love (and hate) change is all around.

Change is nearly always good.

The creation of the NHS and the UK joining the EEC were both good changes in my opinion.

The odd thing is that so many people who advocate change and have a radical mindset seem only to support change up to the point when it delivers what they wanted at that moment.

Then the radicals become the conservatives.

I’m struck reading Twitter conversations about both the NHS and EU that a lot of people seem not to be able to comprehend or desire further change. They liked the last change, but now want it to stop.

I think of change as a never-ending process (I refuse to say “journey”).

Change that takes place might not be an often isn’t change I like. But nothing good is ever achieved by standing still.

Take music. As I get older I have to stop myself echoing my parents. Everytime I hear music that to my ears is incomprehensible I’m tempted to come out with the immortal line “music doesn’t have proper lyrics any more” and “what’s that beat?”

I then remind myself that what I think of as “proper lyrics” and a good “beat” are the works of Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. And my Glenn Miller loving parents never thought that hard rock was proper music.

New music is always good. Just as new humour, new art, new literature, and new politics are.

The NHS was a great model in 1948, even in 1968 and 1998, but maybe not so great for 2018 or 2028? It is arguably a toptally unsustainable model only ever destined to fail unless it moves with the times.

The EEC was a great idea for the UK to join in 1973 and stay in it in 1975. Controversial opinion because so many disagree with me I know, but I supported the EEC and campaigned for it right up until 1989-1992 when the EU appeared. The EEC was a great idea then, but the EU may not be such a great idea for the future.

I’m much more interested to find out what the next great thing might be, not to hang on to the great things of the past. Change is always good. Embrace it!

As the god that was David so elouquently told us – Ch-ch-ch- changes ….

2 thoughts on “Embrace change. It is never ending.

  1. David Sawyer @zudepr

    Couldn’t agree more, Mike.

    Happy new year (loved the ‘I’m a dinosaur’ blog).


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