Why are people so angry?

angry-mob (1)

It is Christmas Eve and my Twitter timeline is still full of very aggressive opponents of Brexit hurling abuse, anticipating insoluble problems, generally looking on the down side of pretty much everything.

Pretty much every tweet fires questions to supporters of Brexit doubting their motivations for having voted Leave in the 2016 referendum, asking for predictions of what will or will not happen as a consequence of Brexit to then be able to “prove” there aren’t answers.

They shout “liar” at every available opportunity stating as fact that every opinion with which they disagree is wrong and any source or reference quoted is biased.

And yet rather strangely they have retweeted a proven (and pretty obvious) fake news story which supports their argument and then all on my timeline when challenged refuse to withdraw and simply shout “liar” at me again, despite the er, fact that I was quoting credible government sources as reported in pretty much all media, not just spouting my own unsubstantiated opinion.

Of course they think that all MSM and the government are lying to them too, so it’s virtually impossible to progress the discussion.

Two this afternoon told me I was lying when I gave the best answers I could for my own motivations. I’m not sure how or why they think they know my mind better than I do.

When I mentioned the referendum result they claim that Leaver voters were duped by dishonest campaigning.

When I point out that the referendum was only advisory anyway they say that David Cameron said it wasn’t.

Then when I explain that although the government had made their pledge to implement the result based on best legal advice at the time this was later held to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in a famous action brought by er, Remainers they say “that’s not significant.” Well it really is isn’t it. We very rarely have uncertain points of constitution clarified in such a way.

Having got nowhere with that, I then explain that my opinion (and as it happens that of the Supreme Court) was that it was the parliamentary vote to respect the result of the advisory referendum that mattered most to me, and not the result of the advisory referendum. They shout “liar” again.

I may be wrong, but I can’t be a liar, as that is my opinion right or wrong.

This is all going on eighteen months after the matter was resolved by the referendum and eight months after a general election in which more than 80% of voters supported the parties who backed Brexit.

The Labour Party is committed to implementing Brexit. The Conservative Government has committed that Brexit Day will be 29th March 2019. There will be parliamentary votes on any deals with the EU completed before then, but in reality most people most reasonably expect that the deal making will go o  long after Brexit.

Personally I’d be astounded if anything much was resolved in less than five years and if any sensible assessment of Brexit can be made in less than ten. I said that too earlier and again was told I am lying (to myself presumably?).

As  said, I have no idea whether my opinion will turn out to be right or wrong. How could I (or they)?

My view is simply that we have some interesting problems before us as a nation and that the nest thing to do is to hope others and to look for myself great solutions to those tough problems. I’m constantly surprised by people who seem to prefer to only see the problems and are not interested in at least hoping for best solutions.

Generally things work out for the best, and I have no reason to suppose that Brexit will be any different. But either way we are all ony guessing.

I wouldn’t be repeating all of this tedious stuff yet again if I didn’t have time on my hands to consider the debate. But I wouldn’t waste my time on social media or elsewhere arguing the case one way or the other, as we know that none of this can influence anything. To me it’s just rhetorical amusement and distraction from Christmas Eve TV (which looks to be appalling incidentally) but are all these very angry people really just having a bit of amusement?

They don’t appear to be. they appear to be incredibly angry. They seem to care passionately about the EU, which is odd because I can’t recall anybody much feeling that strongly about the EU, or the EEC before it, for more than 40 years.

I was an active campaigner for the EEC and a member of Britain in Europe and the European Movement before the EU was created in 1992. I don’t recall passion  then. If anything we thought to be a bit odd to care about any of it.

Where were these angry people then? And why aren’t they settling in to watch a repeat of Midsomers Murders tonight (I’ve seen the episode on the screen now probably 5 times before, but it’s still more interesting than a Brexit debate!)

I suppose the question in my mind as I write this today, is to ask why people are so angry, unreasonable and irrational about this subject. It is really all rather odd.


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