Matters of personal responsibility

Just been listening to a representative of England’s NHS discussing how the demands for and pressure on the NHS increase during the Christmas season when a lot of people go a bit mad.

Fuelled by alcohol and other drugs, or just high spirits, more people than usual do stupid things which result in them being injured.

These are personal choices. I believe in freedom and so am more than happy for people to choose to jump off chairs, get their heads stuck in photocopiers, fall into the path of trains, or jump under a car. Even to just slip over and break a leg at work as I did some years ago (without the aid of drugs it should be said – just over enthusiasm to get to a new client faster).

These kind of things are nobody else’s fault. Not your employer, not the state and certainly not the taxpayer who funds the NHS. Even if you are a taxpayer yourself, I would argue that NHS services should be reserved for those who can claim no personal fault.

It is a matter of personal responsibility.

We seem to live in an era when many people have decided that something which happens to them is always somebody elses’ fault and that if they screw up somebody else should help them. They even think they should claim compensation from other people for something they did to themselves.

The NHS could save a fortune if it stopped encouraging people to think that anybody has responsibility for their individual choices than themselves.

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