If I can’t touch it, I don’t believe it. Why some people choose to ignore the lessons of history.

Momentum Members Rally In Support Of Jeremy Corbyn

Even though we might hope that every responsible citizen is a student of history, ancient and modern, it is probably only fair to say that most people only know what they experience themselves.

This is one of only two explanations I can find for the attractions of Momentum and the Corbynista Comrades for so many young people. Well’ younger than me anyway.

The other explanation, which also implies to my contemporaries who are decaying of mind and body, is that many really want to see a totalitarian-inclined, centrally dictated, fascistic socialist state. There are people of course who benefit from such things. Those running them. By benefit from them, I obviously mean only for a short time before they are found poisoned in the beds or hanging from lampposts.

If I ignored the course of modern history and the evidence that socialist totalitarian states have only ever resulted in economic collapse and genocide, I suppose I could be attracted by the almost Hippy-esque imagery of a Jeremy Corbyn run Britain. What a nice man he is. How he cares for the oppressed.

I used to know Comrade Corbyn a bit. Across the barricades as it were. He and I were opposite numbers for a while as respective party agents in Haringey. My wife who sat opposite him in the council chamber and her still best friends who sat on his side, knew him better.

He may have changed of course. But I doubt it.

The same can be said of Comrade McDonnell, the real Rasputin of their emergent state. He was the man in that role with Ken Livingstone during the halcyon days for the Hard Left of the GLC and Labour Briefing and Militant. These men are Communist insurgents to the Labour Party, and recognised as much by social democrats as such, as they are by liberals.

Comrade Corbyn has always been a pleasant chap. And I believe that he really cares about people. I also believe that he was then and is now totally deluded.

Anybody played for the dupe he was by the murdering bastards of the IRA can have no real judgement. I say that, because I do not believe he is an evil man, far from it. I believe he is a good man. Just a very stupid one.

Those younger people with no collective memory to draw on and who choose not to read or believe history, will n o doubt see JC differently. Sadly if they require personal experience to inform their opinions, they will have to wait for Comrade Corbyn’s bully boys to be given power.

The memory of these people still makes me shudder. I find it hard to believe, although i do understand why, that we could allow this madness to happen again, but we may well do.

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