I dunno, what do you think?


During the seemingly endless “Brexit” debate, at least on social media where I live, there seems to be an expectation in the minds of many Remainers that we should all know what is going to happen next.

They often assume that the absence of certainty is evidence that things will turn out badly.

I wonder if this is generational as much as political.

I’ve noticed that younger people in particular seem to think there must be an answer to everything. I call this the “Google it” mentality. A generation which has grown up with the answers to the questions of the world seemingly at their fingertips seem to want there to always be an answer.

And more than this. In the age that thinks it has invented “fake news”, there is a conviction that there are such things (outside mathematics), as absolute facts. They think something is truth or lies.

They do not seem to appreciate that such a thing is just a format for a TV game show. It is not real life. Or it might not be real life. Who knows?

I was struck by a comment made to me by a mentee who I was enjoying a discussion with about options for a course of action at work. I thought the range of choices was fun to consider. But she was getting increasingly frustrated until she just said “look, what is the right answer.”

It just got worse when I responded, “well what is the right answer to you?”

I’m now in my seventh decade of life and have yet to ever know the truth or lies, right or wrong, about anything. If there is one certainty I’ve cracked it is that life is full of uncertainties and that every single thing is relative.

With Brexit, it may be that the future is bright for the UK or that it will be a bit dire, or even a lot dire, before it gets better again. Who knows? Either way let’s embrace change. If there is one thing I really love, it is change.

Other than knowing that everything is and always has been uncertain, my other great learning in life (I’ve probably only had the two) is that everything pretty much works in cycles and nothing whatsoever is new.

I now understand why older people used to raise their eyes to the ceiling when I was young and so convinced of my rightness about everything. Basically the big reveal in life is that we are all wrong.

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