Oh just stop it now, please?


Twitter is becoming a bit of a cess pit as political debate goes. I dip in and out of it, taking time out when the tedious “trolling” of Hard Labour socialist Corbynistas and/or whining liberal Remoaners gets to be overwhelming.

Credit where credit is due. Both the lefties and liberals have dominated social media campaigning. They certainly know how to use it. But in doing so they’ve sort of spoilt it for the rest of us. It would be just as bad if the libertarian Right and/or Brexiters did the same thing, but I’m not aware of either.

Over the past couple of weeks it has been the same every time I venture onto Twitter. I have only to mention Corbyn or Brexit and the floodgates open. Zealots from both camps seem determined to silence debate by drowning anybody with contrary opinion with non-stop tweeting.

Now they seem to be turning their attention to mainstream media with planted Hard Labour zealots planted into both BBC and Channel Four TV coverage of the NHS “crisis.” Both channels have given airtime to NHS professionals who it then turns out are Momentum activists.

This kind of activity on social media and MSM is designed to close down debate and subvert news coverage. It undermines the credibility of and faith in both media platforms.

It is hardly surprising that the 5% of the UK population who have any active interest in politics just end up arguing amongst themselves while normal people butt out of politics altogether.

I feel like just saying “please stop it now” but I don’t suppose the comrades will listen, this is the way they work. It’s terribly depressing for those of us who admire argument and enjoy debate.

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