How dare people who were elected to be different act as if they are different!


The daily diet of liberals whipping themselves up into a froth over the latest goings-on in US politics is highly amusing.

But, but, but they are appalling people who keep doing the awful things they said they would do. They’re nasty people who don’t talk like us. They have no regard for the liberal consensus. They are turning our world upside down.

What would make them less hyper? Maybe if the political leaders (largely not traditional politicians) who they hate had decided not to do things which they hate, urged on by  voters who they hate?

The liberals would be happy if their opposition behaved a bit more like them, in the way that Obama & Co behaved pretty much like watered down Republicans when they were in power?

How very civilised. And totally pointless!

Politics can be just as much about conviction and confrontation as about compromise and collaboration.

It is not my place as a foreigner to comment on the goings-on of US politics. that is the exclusive preserve of the US electorate. But it’s interesting to look at the polarisation of world-views that has been created by an administration which is horror or horrors – doing what it said it would do when on the stump.


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