I am flattered ….

I am very flattered today to have been included in the newsletter of Zude PR …

David Sawyer of Zude PR writes …

I never got into the Beach Boys as a kid; neither their early nor later, critically acclaimed, work.

So, as a child growing up in 80s northern England who loved his music, Mike Love never gave me good vibrations.

Fast forward 30 years to late last month and I’m sitting there minding my own business when a mate prompts me to look at this new PR blogger.

And I’ve been hooked by his meandering-yet-lucid-and-well-written blog posts ever since.

I don’t know Mike Love @therealitygap, so what I write now is based purely on what I’ve taken from his blogs, but he intrigues me.

Here’s why I like Mike’s stuff:

  • Mike loves his job. His job is PR. Same as me; on both counts.
  • Mike has got the chops. He’s spent donkey’s years in senior corporate comms jobs, before moving over into consultancy at a senior level.
  • Mike tells it like (he thinks) it is. Without fear or favour. If he has an axe to grind, I’m unaware of it.
  • Mike has a realistic view of PR. He loves it but knows what its function is, what it means, and how other people above him in the corporate hierarchy of life (the people that pay him his wage/money to do his job) see its role.
  • Mike’s just about to retire. He quite simply does not give a flying fig. I imagine he’s made his money, needs not the adulation, and is more than comfortable in his own skin. That means he writes with honesty. I’ve been reading most of his blogs and yes, he repeats himself a bit, and yes, I don’t agree with all he says, but there’s gold in them that posts. I get the impression Mike is sitting in his office rifling through all his old papers and leaving all the best bits for posterity. Getting it out there, sometimes three times a day.

So, keep at it Mike, I’m loving the stream of consciousness. It’s refreshing.

For those of you not in PR, what I’m saying is that most people have some sort of agenda. They don’t want to upset this person or that person. They want to be seen in a certain light. They have a business to run/a bauble they covet. So you have to mine the gold for ages, discarding liberal amounts of mud and gravel.

It’s rare to find someone who just tells it like it is. An outlier. Somebody with authority who bucks the trend, says what other people are thinking but don’t, for whatever reason, articulate.

So when you stumble upon one, listen to them. If nothing else, they tell exceedingly good stories.  

Enjoy the weekend when it comes.

Dave @zudepr “

To the observation that my writing meanders and is a tad repetitive, I have to plead guilty as charged.

I am only pleased he didn’t mention my typos and spelling errors. I have only ever been a very violent one finger typist.

I always recall a senior colleague at McDonald’s making the comment when he heard I had been head-hunted to join Microsoft – “They do know he can’t use a keyboard?”

I also have spent many years being asked if I was “The” Mike Love of The Beach Boys. Sadly not. Although like David I was never a BB fan either.

As for the rest, all pretty accurate about me from someone I haven’t met. Apart from the money-making! A third of my career was spent in perpetual debt while working in politics.

I’ve never really caught up with my contemporaries money-wise, but in all seriousness I have no complaints because I have had three things a lot more valuable than mere money. I’ve enjoyed massive job satisfaction, made many dear friends for life, and I’ve had a hell of a lot of fun!

Those who do know me well be able to tell David that I haven’t developed a “speak (what I think is ) truth to power and anyone else” attitude just in my relatively old age and career seniority. I have always been like that, which is probably why I’ve been threatened with the sack three times following differences of opinion, and been made redundant four times.

If you prefer a more stable career, I recommend not saying as I do, or doing as I say.

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