News should be on a Need To Know basis

No News

I appear to be in a minority of one on this, but I think that “news” is the reporting of something which has happened, completed, done, finished.

In pre-digital instant news days, the media reported matters with some decorum. The news outlets, both print and broadcast, were awash with sub-editors and lawyers. Everybody checked and re-checked everything. There was no question of “fake news” because by the time we read about it or watched/heard about it, the facts had been well-established.

Nobody was interested in news by instalments. We wanted to know about the end story, the final position.

On most days of the week there really isn’t that much real news worth reporting, so media outlets and now the social media spivs who chivvy them along need to make things up to fill airtime or whitespace.

Most of today’s news content in the UK for example consisted of rumour, speculation, downright gossip. The media spins this nonsense and then reports in mock horror how something that wasn’t going to happen has in fact not happened.

I know that even saying this makes me sound like a dinosaur, but that’s fine with me. As far as I can see 99% of media and social media content is just best ignored.

I would much rather wait until the a story is finished and to be told what I need to know.

I am reminded of a CEO I had once who told me that information about something going on was “on a need to know basis” before pausing and adding “and you don’t need to know.”

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